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Get ready for this week’s episode with Shannon Morrison of the Mighty Social Word. Make sure to take notes so you can discover how to Repurpose your Podcast Episodes into 20+ Pieces of Content and find out how you can finally get started!

In this episode

  • What is Content Repurposing?
  • What’s the best content to repurpose?
  • Core content vs. Repurposed content
  • Tips on repurposing content
  • Creating different pieces from an audio content
  • How much content can you get from an episode?
  • Planning and setting timelines for content posting
  • Transcripts and Shownotes for Podcasts
  • How easy is it to repurpose, and what are the tools needed?
  • Questions from Australian Podcasters Collaborative Group
    • How to make the process fast and efficient?
    • How to outsource it?
    • When repurposing, how do you structure the content differently for different platforms?
    • Any other tips and tricks? 
  • PTT Asks Shannon:
    • What do you wish you had known when you started podcasting?


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