How much should you spend on podcast equipment | Episode 19

It’s a bit of a bug-bear of mine when I hear someone has downloaded a podcast equipment guide only to be told they should spend upwards of $500 to get started. That might work for some podcasters but it doesn’t take into account everyone’s situation and budget.

In this episode:

  • Some key considerations when choosing the set-up
  • USB Microphone recommendations
  • Other useful equipment
  • Equipment recommendations on a bigger budget


Microphones & Equipment *
Audio Technica ATR 2100
Rode Podcaster USB
Rode Boom Arm
Short Tripod Base Microphone Stand
Rode Microphone Shock Mount SM6 Black with pop
Zoom Handy Recorder H6
Zoom Handy Recorder H5
Rodecaster Pro Podcast Console
* Note some of the above links are affiliate links, but I recommend because I have used them or know they are high-quality products

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