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Podcast Launch Checklist


This PDF checklist shows you how to launch your podcast in 10 easy steps.

When one of my clients came to me with the idea that they were going to do a podcast but they wanted to know what to do and where to start - I instantly knew where to go - Lyndal from Podcast VA. Because it was all in very initial stages I purchased the Podcast Launch Checklist for my client to use as a roadmap to get started. Well, this checklist did more than just get started for my client - there is so much gold that I was able to do more of the legwork than I thought I possibly was able to and when the deadline for the podcast turned from 2 weeks into 24 hours, I was able to get everything up and running straight away thanks to Lyndal’s fantastic resource. This checklist is a must have for any podcaster!
Korryn Haines

Administration Consultant, ENCORE ADMIN CONSULTING

I admit that I felt quite overwhelmed by all the things I needed to do to get my podcast up and running. After I heard Lyndal on a podcast where she shared really valuable tips on launching one, I discovered her Podcast Launch Checklist. Her checklist laid out all the steps in nice simple terms. From little details like podcast cover sizes, recording software and hardware, and hosting options through to the steps to actually launching my podcast. It made the process so much easier, and ten times quicker than me figuring it out on my own. Since the launch of my podcast, Lyndal has shared more tips and celebrated my launch with me. My podcast only launched about 2 weeks ago but the positive comments have already been pouring in! Thank you so much Lyndal, you’ve made this process so much easier and quicker for me.

Michelle Marks

Founder & Facilitator, LAPTOPS & LATTES