Podcasting trends in 2020 with James Cridland | Episode 24

In this episode, I talk with James Cridland from Podnews about podcasting trends in 2020. James is a radio futurologist – a writer, consultant and public speaker on radio’s future. He is Managing Editor of podnews.net, a fantastic daily podcast newsletter and podcast that everyone who is interested in podcasting should subscribe to!

In this episode:

  • James’ background and his role in the international podcasting industry
  • Current trends in podcasting in 2020
  • International statistics
  • How audio search will impact podcasting
  • Average downloads for everyday podcasters
  • YouTube and podcasting
  • Ways to syndicate your podcast
  • Trends in podcast sponsorship
  • Niche podcasts


Podnews website – https://podnews.net/
James Cridland website – https://james.cridland.net/
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Podcast Academy
The Infinite Dial
ABC Podcast Survey
Reuters Institute
Libsyn The Feed

The Australian Podcasters Collaborative Facebook Group
Podcast VA website
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