Overcoming imposter syndrome with Fiona Redding | Episode 10 | Podcast VA

“Imposter Syndrome” - what is it, really? And how does one deal with it?

Our guest this week is Fiona Redding, founder of The Happiness Hunter, a mindset coach, speaker, and facilitator. She’s also a co-host to the Business Addicts Podcast as well as the author of The Happiness Hunter’s Guide to Meditation. Listen in to help yourself understand and overcome this experience.

In this episode:

  • Fiona’s journey in her business
  • History of Imposter Syndrome
  • Fiona’s and Lyndal’s Imposter Syndrome stories
  • Understanding your process
  • Steps on how to move forward
  • How thinking creates reality
  • Top tips to overcome the Impostor Syndrome
  • PTT Asks Fiona:
    • What do you wish you knew when you started podcasting? 
    • What is your number one tip on podcasting?

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