12 Strategies to Grow your Audience with Michaela Clark | Episode 30 - Podcast VA

In this episode, I am chatting with Michaela Clark, a digital marketing consultant and founder of Content Juice. Michaela is my biz bestie…and quite honestly Podcast VA wouldn’t be where it is today without the endless conversations, ideas, support and help from her.

Michaela has been doing content marketing for over 10 years, works with my clients on strategy and has recently launched Content Juice. Content Juice helps you squeeze the most out of your content to help grow your audience, generate leads and increase your sales.

In this episode:

  • Michaela’s background in content marketing
  • A little bit about Content Juice and why she launched it
  • 12 strategies you should consider to grow your audience
  • The Podcast Strategy Sessions through Podcast VA
  • Podcast Health Check through Podcast VA



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