Why you should add podcasting to your marketing activities

“No medium is more engaging than audio and with Australian downloads now in the tens of millions per month, brands should be flocking to the space.” Sharon Taylor, podcast hosting service Omny Studio CEO (as seen on Mumbrella)

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Hey, I’m Lyndal Harris, The Podcast VA, and it’s my job to work my magic to make your podcasting journey easy.

Your podcast has become my life and I absolutely love sharing information (like on this blog) on how to make your journey easier – because we all know how time-consuming it can be.

Let me tell you a bit about my business journey and how I come to be here on your computer screen with this blog and business.

My journey started as a Virtual Assistant (VA) over 7 years ago. I spent 6 years juggling a family with 2 young kids and learning everything I needed to know to start-up. I truly understand the trap of feeling stressed and overwhelmed as a business owner … because I’ve been there before!

I still remember the day in 2016 that literally changed my life.

I was sitting in a hospital room with my husband being told that he has pancreatic cancer and the only thing they could do was palliative chemo.  

I was broken and while I have dealt with more than my share of loss in my lifetime, this was shattering. I just couldn’t fathom how my young kids would grow up without their dad who they love and adore.

At this point, I realised my life had changed. I had to come back full circle and remember why I went into business – to create a lifestyle that enabled me to be there for my family.

And now more than ever, our goal as a family is to create lots of beautiful memories and enjoy holidays whilst their dad is still alive.

For me to reach that dream, I had to change something in my business. So I decided to take my experience of working virtually and supporting clients and my love of podcasting and create a niched business to support podcasters.

FAST FACT: And I am the first Australian VA to have niched and provide a full suite of support services just for podcasters.

After helping lots of clients launch and manage their podcasts, I totally understand the issues you face.

  • You are overwhelmed and don’t know how
  • It’s too technical
  • You don’t have the time to do it all yourself (you have a business to run after all!)

You simply don’t know where to start.

To help with that, I have created full-support team and service for you that offers:

  • Checklists and templates on how to launch your podcast.
  • A Podcast Launch package that sets up all the relevant accounts and everything you need to launch and have a truly successful podcast in record time.
  • Ongoing management packages that can be put together depending on your level of support requirements (this aims to take away the overwhelm and time-consuming part of the process).

I love making the podcasting journey easier for my clients and being able to reduce the stress and overwhelm that comes with project managing all of the different elements of a successful consistent podcast.

Listen to the experts:

  1. QUOTE: “89% of Australians know what a podcast is and 58% of them have listened to a podcast so now is a great time to launch a podcast and get your message out to the world.”
  2. FACT: Mainstream media has jumped on the podcast bandwagon – ABC, SBS, Channels 7,9,10 and also radio stations with their news and top-rating shows.
  3. STATISTIC: “Only 3% of marketers are using podcasts so there’s a wide-open field for it. The public are all switched on all of a sudden – people who never listened before are involved now and they’re looking for more.” Alana Mahony, audioBoom Australia (as seen on simplecreativemarketing.com)

Remember the stats and don’t get left behind. The best day to start is today.

Your next step…

If podcasting is on your mind like it is on my mind every single day and you want to start one asap…then we should talk.

I don’t work with everyone, so let’s have a chat to see if we are the right fit for each other and if we can launch a beautiful podcast together!

If you’d like to find out how we can make your podcasting journey easier, book in for a free 30-minute consultation today.

Lyndal Harris

About the author

Lyndal Harris, Founder of Podcast VA offers podcast editing and production support services making podcasting easier for everyone. We’ll look after the techy stuff for you… All you need to do is record your episode and we’ll do the rest. Ready to start?